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Contests are an excellent and safe way to participate in social media.  Lenzr is a trending website that allows users to enter photo contests and win awesome prizes provided by sponsors.  Today I have four awesome and fun contests that I welcome my readers to participate in!
Read through them all, and decide whether you would like to enter one or all of them!  Remember, capturing a photo creatively and originally will benefit you in these contests.  Don’t forget, have fun!

Contest #1 – Fireplaces and Furnaces

Your task is to capture a super cozy scene using a fireplace or a furnace.  Think warm and fuzzy everyone!  You can be in the photo alone, with family or friends!  Whatever you think will make your picture perfect.

Have fun with this contest, because the prize is a brand new Sony laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer! The summer season is, cost-wise, actually the best time to think about furnace replacement or installation.

To Enter Visit: http://www.lenzr.com/photo-contests/fireplaces-and-furnaces

Contest #2 – Kitchener-Waterloo patio furniture

Your task is to capture a photo of outdoor furniture in Kitchener and Waterloo you would like to see in a travel publication.  This could be a brochure, magazine or flyer that advertises the beauty of Toronto.  Some ideas to capture could be a fun moment at a Toronto bed and breakfast, the famous CN Tower or a shopping center!

You could win a brand new Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak courtesy of a Toronto B&B that’s as downtown as you’ll find in Canada’s largest city.

To Enter Visit: http://www.lenzr.com/photo-contests/toronto-tourist-attractions

Contest #3 – Haircuts and Hairstyles

Do you or someone you know have a super funky or fashionable ‘do?  Or do you have a signature hairstyle that you love?  Capture a beautiful, unique or iconic hairstyle as the main focus of your photograph. 

You could win a high end blow dryer and flatiron courtesy of a new Yorkville salon, a leader in the Canadian hair and fashion industry.

To Enter Visit: http://www.lenzr.com/photo-contests/haircuts-and-hair-styles

Contest #4 – Objects in Motion

Your task is to capture an object in motion; be sure your photograph illustrates which direction the movement is heading.  This object could also be a person or animal.  So that cool trick your younger brother can do with his bike may come in handy!

The prize for this cool contest is a brand new Sony laptop courtesy of an international air freight company that’s constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.

To Enter Visit: http://www.lenzr.com/photo-contests/objects-in-motion

I hope you all have a blast with these cool Lenzr contests, good luck!

Love Always,

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My Official Miss Teen Canada-World Photoshoot!

I had so much fun competing in the 2011 Miss Teen Canada-World pageant on July 16th!  I will hold the memories with me for a lifetime as well as the friendships I have built throughout the pageant.

I am excited to announce I placed in the Top 20 Contestants!  I would like to congratulate my friend, the beautiful Lauren Howe, the new Miss Teen Canada-World 2011.
Lauren and I competed in the Ontario provincial pageant, and became very close.  I am excited to see such a deserving and compassionate girl succeed.  Lauren’s positive attitude and humility will serve her beautifully during her reign as Miss Teen Canada-World.

I would like to thank all of my sponsors for their encouragement and financial support.  With all of their generous contributions, I was able to represent my hometown, Kitchener-Waterloo as I competed with 74 other contestants from across Canada.

I would also like to thank all of my readers!  You helped me reach 1,749 views which gave me 2nd place for ‘Most Viewed Blog’!  I love to blog and I will continue to post about beauty, hair and upcoming community events I will participate in.

Check Out My Sponsors by Clicking on Their Logo!














P.S Special thank you to Randy Palach & family of Next Energy, whom I have known since I was a little girl.  I greatly appreciate your support and generosity!



















Special thank you to the kind staff at Fitness 360 for Women!  I had an awesome time getting in shape for the competition.  I really appreciate your support!








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The anticipation for the 2011 Miss Teen Canada World pageant has been intense.  I can’t believe I am finally here!  I am so excited to have this wonderful opportunity and spend one full week with all of these amazing women.

July 9th

Upon arrival we were greeted by Michelle W, our wonderful pageant director who directed us to a gorgeous ballroom where we practiced the basics of pageant performing and refreshed our memories.
After introducing ourselves to each other, we were lead upstairs by our energetic chaperone, Chris, and we were assigned roommates.  After unpacking our belongings in our hotel rooms we talked with Michelle W about any questions we had.  Believe me, I think every girl had about a thousand questions going through our minds; however, Michelle covered every aspect of the week and told us what to expect as well as refreshed our memories on what type of behavior is expected.

Emily Lao Contestant Number 50 and Myself Contestant Number 57

My favorite part of when I arrived was meeting each and almost every girl.  I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to every girl but by the next morning I had learned many names and introduced myself to every girl in the pageant.

July 10th

Sunday went by quicker than ever because I had so much fun and so many things to do!  I was selected to attend a talent convention called ITP Event (International Talent and Performers Event) where each participant has an opportunity to receive a modeling scholarship.  Only 15 girls from the pageant were selected, I was very lucky to be one of them.

Basically, we arrived at the school where they held the competition and after registering we were showed what your audition should look like.  We then received numbers and waited in line to walk for the 3 judges.
Although I was not nervous, I was very exited!  I love walking on the runway and it was great practice for the pageant.

Right After My Video Shoot

When I arrived back from the ITP event, I began to prepare for my official Miss Teen Canada-World photo shoot, as well as our video shoot and our interview.
I had my hair done as well as my makeup, I loved the way both were done.  My hair was voluminous with big loose curls and a bouffant puff at the top, and my makeup was what I like to call, daytime dramatic!
I enjoyed my time with the official Miss Teen Canada-World photographer, ZIMAGES.  I really enjoy his work.  He is a laid back photographer who is professional and friendly.  I really like how he always points out if a piece of hair is out of place or a strap is showing, these are all things that can ruin a photo and he is very conscious of every aspect of the photo.
One component of the Final Night show will be a video played of the Top 20 girls.  It will feature the girls answering questions such as, “What does beauty mean to you?” and “What is your platform”.  This is the video shoot.  I had so much fun, although I needed to re-do a few takes I was proud of myself.  I felt confident in front of the camera and I felt great about the answers I gave.

Thank You for Reading!  Stay Tuned for More Updates.

Love Always,
Alexandra Goedecke

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Beauties TV Poster

After a long thought process, I decided that if I were to have a TV show/series it would focus on beauty.  Not only outer beauty but also self improvement, positivity and compassion.

Beauties is a talk show that will inform women of all ages of beauty remedies, solutions and secrets.  I will talk about relationships, have relationship experts appear as well as psychologists and doctors to talk about common questions and problems.  It will include information on skin, hair and nails and occasionally I will have fashion experts and stylists do segments on seasonal fashion trends.

My Inspiration

As a teen, my biggest inspiration is Tyra Banks.  I admire her compassion for others and her humility.  She is a retired supermodel with a talk show that ended recently, however she continues to host America’s Next Top Model.

There was a particular episode of the Tyra Show, Tyra invited a group of girls to talk about their high school experience with female bullies.  One girl was getting severely bullied emotionally and verbally by a group of girls.  I admired that during the show, Tyra showed a clip of her going to the girl’s school and telling the bullies to stop harassing the girl.  The group of girls was shocked that the supermodel took time to come to their school.  This happened a week before the show, and at the show the girl who had been bullied said the group of girls had left her alone completely after Tyra came to her school.
It was such a cute moment, and I loved the way Tyra told the bullies in a polite way to stop bullying the girl and she explained that it is damaging to both them and the victim.

Coming back to Tyra’s influence on me, she has inspired me in my everyday life and I would love to have a talk show that incorporates humour as well as information.

A Breakdown of Beauties

Wow! Celery is so LOW in calories and full of water, that when you eat it you actually burn calories!

Beauties will feature special guest’s on almost every episode.  Each episode will be a full hour.  One of my biggest components will be to expose beauty myths and damaging products and routines that can cause common issues.
For example, diet methods that are healthy and effective, foods that help hair and nails grow, and beauty treatments to prevent aging will all be popular topics on Beauties.

Sponsored In Part By

I would love for ShaSha Natural Artisan Bakery to be a sponsor of Beauties.  ShaSha bread is excellent because they use nutritious, wholesome and natural ingredients to create fine quality products.  The natural and organic nature of ShaSha Bakery blend perfectly with my trend of natural products and methods.

I would love to have Rimmel as the official makeup company for Beauties.  Any special guest as well as myself would only wear Rimmel products onstage.  Makeup artists would be required to use Rimmel products, and on occasion products from Rimmel will be gifted to audience members.  This would be excellent advertising for Rimmel to collaborate with Beauties.


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As some of you know, I am a 16 year old high school student.  I have watched my friends and classmates grow up, and become involved in dating relationships.  One issue I am very passionate about, is healthy relationships with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
I have seen girls and boys who are in a relationship that involves physical and emotional as well as verbal abuse.  I feel that maturity plays a huge role in these situations, and often times the perpetrator needs help from an outside person before they should involve themselves in a relationship.  I also feel that leaving a relationship that involves any kind of abuse requires a support system, courage and confidence.
I want to equip my readers with the tools to recognize and get help if they find themselves in an abusive relationship, or know of someone who is.I am going to talk about the different types of abuse between spouses, within families, intimate partners, and what you should do if you find yourself in an abusive relationship.

The Facts

There are 3 common types of abuse. These include, emotional, physical, and sexual. Each form of abuse is based on control, and the main goal is to lower the victim’s confidence and self esteem so that they are eventually dependent on the perpetrator and will not be likely to get out of the relationship.
Emotional abuse also called psychological or mental abuse and can be connected to verbal abuse. It is when a person humiliates someone publicly or privately, controls what they do, isolates them from family or friends, and isolates the victim from basic necessities or physical objects.
Criticism, name calling and threats are all common forms of emotional abuse.  Often, threats are made to control what the victim does.  For example, the victim may be told they will be physically hurt or the abuser will commit suicide if the victim leaves or follows through with an action.  I have heard girls and boys say and/or text that they will “kill themselves” if the victim leaves or follows through with an action.
Physical abuse is when a person physically contacts another person with the intention to hurt, intimidate, frighten or cause pain. Physical abuse can also include denying the victim of medical care if and when needed, depriving the victim of sleep or other functions necessary to live, or forcing the victim to engage in drug/alcohol use against his/her will. It can also include inflicting physical injury onto other targets, such as children or pets, in order to cause psychological damage to the victim.
Sexual abuse is where force or threats are used in order to make the victim engage in a sexual act. Whenever a person is forced to engage in a sex act, whether the act is completed or not it is considered sexual abuse.

In many cases, the perpetrator will use children (if it is a family situation) or friends of the victim (if it is a social situation) to criticize the victim as well. This makes the victim feel that the abuse is all in their head or their fault because it is not only the perpetrator but their own children as well who are criticizing and humiliating.

Why Do They Do This?

The reason there are efforts from the perpetrator to isolate the victim from family and friends is so that the victim no longer has a support system.  This will make the victim feel they do not have the necessary resources and will be less likely to get out of the relationship. As a result, the victim has an increased risk of eating disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, suicide or depression. The reason these things are a higher risk is because these are things that the victim can control and therefore they embrace the desire for basic control of what they can or can’t eat and so on.

You Need To Know

There is a cycle of abuse that occurs between the offender and the victim. The first stage is called The Tension Building stage. This is where there is a lack of communication and trust from the offender and the offender begins to control the victim and get angry at minor things. The victim begins to avoid confrontation with the offender and is trying to always calm them down. The second stage is called The Violent Episode stage. This is where the abuser attempts to dominate the victim with physical or sexual violence. The final stage in the cycle is the Honeymoon Stage. This includes the offender apologizing for the violence or avoiding discussing the violence and buying gifts and saying nice things to the victim and making the victim feel loved. This honeymoon stage is the stage that the victim holds on to and is affected by the most. It may be the reason the victim finds the relationship difficult to leave. This cycle repeats itself through the course of the relationship, and in most cases will continue until the victim leaves or the offender seeks help.

What To Do

If you feel some of these definitions apply to your relationship & find yourself in a situation where there is any kind of abuse or you feel someone you know is experiencing abuse it is important to know that getting out of a relationship like this is necessary. It doesn’t matter if you are the offender or the victim because it damages both people severely. Realize that abuse is not right, and continuing in an unhealthy relationship that involves lying, physical violence, pressure, humiliation, or threats will cause serious damage to everyone involved.

If you or someone you know needs immediate help call Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868
Visit Kids Help Phone for more information: http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/teens/home/splash.aspx

Love Always,

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