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After a long thought process, I decided that if I were to have a TV show/series it would focus on beauty.  Not only outer beauty but also self improvement, positivity and compassion.

Beauties is a talk show that will inform women of all ages of beauty remedies, solutions and secrets.  I will talk about relationships, have relationship experts appear as well as psychologists and doctors to talk about common questions and problems.  It will include information on skin, hair and nails and occasionally I will have fashion experts and stylists do segments on seasonal fashion trends.

My Inspiration

As a teen, my biggest inspiration is Tyra Banks.  I admire her compassion for others and her humility.  She is a retired supermodel with a talk show that ended recently, however she continues to host America’s Next Top Model.

There was a particular episode of the Tyra Show, Tyra invited a group of girls to talk about their high school experience with female bullies.  One girl was getting severely bullied emotionally and verbally by a group of girls.  I admired that during the show, Tyra showed a clip of her going to the girl’s school and telling the bullies to stop harassing the girl.  The group of girls was shocked that the supermodel took time to come to their school.  This happened a week before the show, and at the show the girl who had been bullied said the group of girls had left her alone completely after Tyra came to her school.
It was such a cute moment, and I loved the way Tyra told the bullies in a polite way to stop bullying the girl and she explained that it is damaging to both them and the victim.

Coming back to Tyra’s influence on me, she has inspired me in my everyday life and I would love to have a talk show that incorporates humour as well as information.

A Breakdown of Beauties

Wow! Celery is so LOW in calories and full of water, that when you eat it you actually burn calories!

Beauties will feature special guest’s on almost every episode.  Each episode will be a full hour.  One of my biggest components will be to expose beauty myths and damaging products and routines that can cause common issues.
For example, diet methods that are healthy and effective, foods that help hair and nails grow, and beauty treatments to prevent aging will all be popular topics on Beauties.

Sponsored In Part By

I would love for ShaSha Natural Artisan Bakery to be a sponsor of Beauties.  ShaSha bread is excellent because they use nutritious, wholesome and natural ingredients to create fine quality products.  The natural and organic nature of ShaSha Bakery blend perfectly with my trend of natural products and methods.

I would love to have Rimmel as the official makeup company for Beauties.  Any special guest as well as myself would only wear Rimmel products onstage.  Makeup artists would be required to use Rimmel products, and on occasion products from Rimmel will be gifted to audience members.  This would be excellent advertising for Rimmel to collaborate with Beauties.


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