Contests are an excellent and safe way to participate in social media.  Lenzr is a trending website that allows users to enter photo contests and win awesome prizes provided by sponsors.  Today I have four awesome and fun contests that I welcome my readers to participate in!
Read through them all, and decide whether you would like to enter one or all of them!  Remember, capturing a photo creatively and originally will benefit you in these contests.  Don’t forget, have fun!

Contest #1 – Fireplaces and Furnaces

Your task is to capture a super cozy scene using a fireplace or a furnace.  Think warm and fuzzy everyone!  You can be in the photo alone, with family or friends!  Whatever you think will make your picture perfect.

Have fun with this contest, because the prize is a brand new Sony laptop courtesy of an Ontario furnace installer! The summer season is, cost-wise, actually the best time to think about furnace replacement or installation.

To Enter Visit:

Contest #2 – Kitchener-Waterloo patio furniture

Your task is to capture a photo of outdoor furniture in Kitchener and Waterloo you would like to see in a travel publication.  This could be a brochure, magazine or flyer that advertises the beauty of Toronto.  Some ideas to capture could be a fun moment at a Toronto bed and breakfast, the famous CN Tower or a shopping center!

You could win a brand new Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayak courtesy of a Toronto B&B that’s as downtown as you’ll find in Canada’s largest city.

To Enter Visit:

Contest #3 – Haircuts and Hairstyles

Do you or someone you know have a super funky or fashionable ‘do?  Or do you have a signature hairstyle that you love?  Capture a beautiful, unique or iconic hairstyle as the main focus of your photograph. 

You could win a high end blow dryer and flatiron courtesy of a new Yorkville salon, a leader in the Canadian hair and fashion industry.

To Enter Visit:

Contest #4 – Objects in Motion

Your task is to capture an object in motion; be sure your photograph illustrates which direction the movement is heading.  This object could also be a person or animal.  So that cool trick your younger brother can do with his bike may come in handy!

The prize for this cool contest is a brand new Sony laptop courtesy of an international air freight company that’s constantly keeping objects in motion over land, sea and sky.

To Enter Visit:

I hope you all have a blast with these cool Lenzr contests, good luck!

Love Always,

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