This summer, make it your mission to achieve a golden tan that looks healthy.  If your friends tell you, “You look burned!” your first response should not be, “Yes, but by tomorrow this will be a tan”.  Tanning is great, but it is important to analyze your skin-type and create a plan so that you don’t end up burnt or peeling.  Using a tanning bed, responsibly, is an excellent way for girls and guys to avoid looking too pale, and it actually gives your skin protection from burning.

Sun Magic

Recently, I visited a Sun Magic, a tanning salon in the Kitchener Waterloo area.  Sun Magic is exclusive to the both Kitchener and Waterloo, as well as Cambridge.  The company was established in 1985, and with the customer as their main priority, Sun Magic has been very successful.
I met with the lovely owner, Hannelle, who showed me around the tanning salon and explained all about the different tanning beds as well as their Mystic Tanning and Smile FX services.

What is a Mystic Tan?

Mystic Tanning is a booth that uses spray tanning to deliver lasting color that is comfortable and even.  I really like the idea of getting a spray tan that delivers even colour.  I often use a self tanner foam from the drugstore, which is nice, however if you don’t apply it perfectly it looks very uneven and obvious, where as Mystic Tan gives an even and natural color according to your skin tone, every time.
The Mystic Tan has 3 components, the bronzer, the DHA, and the Aloe Vera.  The bronzer is a water-soluble cosmetic dye that creates instant colour.  The DHA is the component that reacts with the skins natural amino acids and proteins to create a lasting tan.  The DHA takes about 2-3 hours to be visible.  Lastly, the Aloe Vera helps carry the DHA into the skin and helps the skin to be smoother and softer.

What is Smile FX?

Smile FX is a 15 minute teeth whitening treatment offered by Sun Magic.  There are many pro’s to whitening with Smile FX, one being it is a fraction of the cost compared to whitening trays or over the counter products.  Another being that there is little to no sensitivity at all because the whitening product is far less harsh than a over the counter product or a whitening tray.  Basically, the product is applied to your teeth and a UV light device is placed on your mouth, for a brighter smile in 15 minutes.  Often, patients need 1-3 treatments of Smile FX because although it is effective almost immediately, because it isn’t as harsh as other whitening products in order to get your brightest smile, 1-3 treatments may be needed.


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