For over the past 6 months, like all of the Miss Teen Canada-World 2011 delegates, I have been raising and collecting money for Free The Children.  I have had generous donations of anywhere from $50 to $250!  I am exited to raise money for such a honest organization that truly makes a difference.

While I was browsing Free The Children online, I came to realize that the work the organization does not only changes the lives of children all around the world, but the Free The Children team has outstanding core values.

The organization puts children first and ensures each staff member is an energetic individual with a large amount of experience working with and mentoring children.  I think this is an excellent way to ensure that each staff member is enthusiastic about working with children in a team.
With children from all around the world living in poverty, the organization chooses partners that are of high ethical standards and will hold the same values as Free the Children, by keep the children the first priority.

Oprah’s Angel Network

Oprah’s Angel Network is an extremely valued partner with Free The Children.  Established in 1997 as a campaign, Oprah asked her viewers on The Oprah Winfrey Show to collect spare change in order to improve the lives of others throughout the world.  The campaign received generous support from the public and from a campaign it became a charity.  The charity has awarded funds to many organizations throughout the world including Free The Children.  The Angel Network has assisted children and adults with receiving or improving an education as well as protecting basic human rights.

A Partnership That Would Change Lives

In 2007, Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children developed a joint project called O Ambassadors.   O Ambassadors give young children and adults, like you and I, the opportunity to make a change for the better in the lives of others.  As O Ambassadors, each youth will have the opportunity to work in different regions around the world such as, East Africa, West Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Latin America.

Why The Two Partnered

Free The Children and Oprah’s Angel Network both hold very similar values.  Free The Children’s main priority is to, help children around the world, while Oprah assists both children as well as adults.  The similarities between the two organizations are very close.  With human rights and education, as well as safety as the priority it is not surprising the two organizations joined.
This partnership has been beneficial to both organizations, however it has been even more beneficial to children and adults around the world.  With each others help, Free The Children with Oprah’s Angel Network has built over 55 schools in 12 different countries!  This has provided education in rural areas around the world for many children.
Since the program began, about 2000 O Ambassador’s have joined the program across Canada and The United States.  What I found interesting is that approximately two thirds of this are resource-poor schools.  I think this is great that children and teens who already lack resources in their own lives still take the initiative and make a difference in the lives of others who could be in the same, or worse situation.
I encourage all of my readers to click the O Ambassadors logo, this will bring you to a YouTube video where you can watch a detailed explanation of the work O Ambassadors have accomplished.


I really admire what Free The Children and The Angel Network have accomplished.  Once again, please click the O Ambassadors logo to watch the O Ambassadors video and learn more.  Thanks for reading!

Love Always,
Alexandra Goedecke


For more information on Free The Children:

For more information on Oprah’s Angel Network:

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