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I think you all will agree: as the summer months approach, we start to show a little more skin.  Whether its a skirt, frilly tank top, or a bikini, we want our skin to look youthful and glowing as it should.  But many girls suffer body acne mostly found on the chest and upper back and sometimes on the back of the arms.  I want to let you all know the immediate quick fix for these problems but I also want to allow readers some insight as to how to prevent blemishes and breakouts from occurring in the first place.

The Quick Fix

If your getting ready for an event, trying on you new super cute dress that you just had to have, and you notice a few unsightly blemishes on your back or chest – or even both!  Eek! Try this quick fix to reduce the irritation or rosiness of your blemishes.
Caution: This is only for girls and boys 14+, due to the dangers of Aspirin use with children

You will need:

  • 2 Aspirin
  • Water
  • Honey

Crush two aspirin tablets, and mix with a drop of water and a drop of honey to create a paste.  Leave it on for 10 minutes and then blot to remove with a damp washcloth.

How it Works:
Advil has acetyl-salicylic (I know, I could not say it either.) acid to dry out the pimple and eliminate inflammation, while the honey and water act as a natural paste to hold the crushed pill on your skin.

The Long Term Solution

Don't Want to Compromise the Beautiful Scent But Need Something Natural? Try Cocoa Butter Body Butter From The Body Shop

If you have blemishes on your chest or upper back and neck, the best thing to do is go natural.  This means using less perfume, scented creams or lotions and try and stay away from excess hair products.  Perfume sprayed on your chest may block the pores and cause dirt and oil buildup resulting in blemishes.  Excess hairspray or gel can rub off on your neck or upper back, and do the same.  As for scented creams, this does not mean you need to let your skin go dry!  Try to use a natural cream that is hydrating but lighter on the scent.  You can find creams or lotions like this at pharmacies and grocery stores.  Try to look for creams that include “Coco Butter” or “Shae Butter” and make sure they don’t have whacky scents such as ocean breeze or cupcake.  Think about it, if you don’t believe the scent could be physically captured in a bottle, than it’s probably an artificial scent.

Hungry? Snack On A Bowl of This!

The next step to clearing chest, back and neck blemishes is to improve your diet.  If you have read my other posts, you know I am always stressing the fact that each and every person needs 8 glasses of water each day.  Try to eat fruits that are high in antioxidants like berries, as they will improve your skin quickly.  Eat fruits and vegetables as a snack, and try to eat less carbohydrates.  I know this is my weakness: If I get hungry, the first thing I reach for is a slice of toast, chips or cookies.  These are all okay in moderation but the nutritional value is much lower.  One of the best sources of Vitamin C is a strawberry.  Look for locally grown strawberries because, when fruits are imported they lose a substantial amount of their nutritional value.

If you find you have redness and bumps on the backs of your arms, from your elbow to your shoulder, this means a definite Vitamin C deficiency.  Start eating more oranges or drinking orange juice.  Find a food you enjoy with a high level of Vitamin C in it.  If you don`t notice the redness and bumps are going away, you should start taking a Vitamin C chewable tablet.  I recommend Jamieson brand Vitamin C Tropical Blend Chewable.  They taste great and you can find them at a local grocery store or pharmacy.


I hope you find this information useful!  Leave a comment below and let me know how it works out for you.

Love Always,

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